Whether you are local to our area or in a remote facility on the East Coast, we have the ability to advise and navigate your project in a manner that keeps you in your budget and maintains or exceeds your performance requirements. 

Proper Technology

    New technology doesn’t always offer the best solutions to your situation.  Whether designing a new high tech resource center or upgrading a simple  low tech environment, we know when, where , and how to direct your budget with the integrator.


    Our in house design team has over 20 years experience with Auto-Cad, 3D modeling and other cad based systems in which we work both directly with end users, as well project architects.  Either way, we are glad to help during the design phase of your project. 


  • New Tech Conference Systems
  • Distributed Audio
  • Distributed Video
  • Acoustical Room Correction
  • Thermal assessment & planning