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 When you buy a watch, you buy quality and buy once. 

Your living room stereo is no different.


  We never think twice when a Gentleman or Lady wears a fine timepiece.  Be-it preference for accuracy and precision, or marker for one’s own career success, today’s we accept this as social norm.  It often times goes hand in hand to have other instruments of fine craftsmanship such as German automobiles, precision tools, custom elegant homes, large marine vessels, personal aircraft, and of coarse highly tuned fine audio systems.  

  Audiophiles searching for perfection have limited sources in today’s digital audio environments.  We challenge this market, and quench your thirst for audio perfection.  Carolina Sound Works has been in the audio industry for 19 years.  Our experience has rubbed shoulders with the top minds in the industry and learned from failures and great success in Home, Commercial, Industrial, and live sound applications.  Today we offer sales, design and limited service for Audio & Video systems.

2018′ Fall Specials

  All of our audio products are on sale through the end of September.  Up to 30%  on most products in stock.  Custom order deals are available.


  We are also participating in the “trade up” program from McIntosh audio.  Details can be found here:


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