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NEW – dARTS 660 Series In-Wall

dARTS 660 In-Wall

Induction Dynamics S1.8

The driving force in any home theater system is in the main left and right speakers. The 1 series was designed for this function and perform equally well as surrounds in a larger system. They also make wonderful stereo speakers in a two-channel setup.

2018′ Fall Specials

  All of our audio products are on sale through the end of October.  Up to 40% on products in stock.  Custom order deals are also available.


  We are participating in the “trade up” program from McIntosh audio.  Details can be found here:

Meet the Mcintosh MC611 Monoblock Amplifier

“The MC611 is one of the most beautiful sounding amplifiers I’ve ever heard, and at the same time is one of the most realistic sounding amplifiers I’ve ever heard. And this continues to blow me away every time I turn the MC611s’ power on.” Winner of Best of 2018 Blue Note Award. – Enjoy The Music


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